Wealth Planning

We live in complex times. Many of our clients, whether United States citizens or foreign born, are overwhelmed with the burden of managing their financial affairs. In response to this challenge, we offer a service that gives clients an accurate and detailed picture of their estate, along with the legacy they wish to leave. This process helps them organize, understand, and manage their various brokerage and bank accounts, real estate holdings, and legal and estate documents. Clients are often astounded at the financial and legal issues that need correcting – as well as the additional wealth uncovered in many cases.

Financial Forecasting

Acting with our clients’ permission and on their behalf, we coordinate with all their professional advisors to:

  • Identify and organize all legal and estate documents
  • Verify legal ownership and correct titling of all assets
  • Analyze life insurance policies and retirement accounts for adequacy and confirmation of designated beneficiaries
  • Prepare a detailed personal financial statement of all assets and liabilities
  • Prepare comprehensive estate tax projections
  • Conduct strategic tax planning and preparation, including U.S. and foreign compliance, for all family members.  This includes businesses, trusts and estates
  • Confirm that assets will be distributed exactly according to their wishes
  • Collect all data on a computer CD or secure Internet portal, accessible to designated individuals and professionals

Tax Protection

We impact generations and help save significant sums of money with strategic approaches that keep assets in the family and minimize taxes. Brannen Shirley provides more than 70 years of combined tax experience. We apply a holistic and integrated approach to anticipating changes in tax laws and regulations. Our tax protection services focus on the respective needs of:

  • Individuals, both U.S. and foreign-born citizens
  • Corporations (subchapter C and subchapter S)
  • Partnerships (including family limited partnerships)
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Estates, Trusts and Gifts