Family Office

Brannen Shirley provides peace of mind through its Family Office services. These services coordinate all life information in one central location, for the benefit of individuals and their extended families. From preparing a financial balance sheet of assets to calculating long-range tax projections, this comprehensive resource keeps clients organized and informed.

Acting as a personal family CFO, we will:

  • Identify, review, organize, and consolidate all of your legal and estate documents
  • Update your legal and estate documents, if necessary, using a team of professionals of your choosing or whom we recommend
  • Prepare a detailed fair market value financial balance sheet representing a total net worth of your assets
  • Prepare detailed estate tax projections, noting estimated estate tax liabilities due, sequence of events and disposition of your assets upon death
  • Ensure that you understand all ownership of assets and legal documents
  • Confirm that the assets of your estate will be distributed according to your wishes
  • Centralize and index all data, either within an accessible secure internet portal or on a computer CD.  This information will be made accessible to only those individuals you designate
  • Provide in-house bookkeeping and bill pay services, monitor and reconcile bank accounts, and more